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Youth Resistance Training Camp

Prairie Life Fitness is introducing the 2nd session of Youth Resistance Training Camp for kids ages 9-14. The 2nd session will start October 18th-November 29th. This camp teaches kids proper form and technique so they can adjust appropriately as their body is growing.It's perfect for any youth looking to: build a solid foundation, develop muscle strength and endurance, improve motor skills, reduce injury risk, learn healthy habits, increase bone density, build positive self esteem and confidence. The camp will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights (6pm) and Saturday morning (10am). You can choose to attend 2-3 sessions a week for 6 wee periods at a total cost of $180. Sign up closes at midnight on Friday, October 14th! If you have any questions and/or want to sign up, contact Kim Bird at OR 269-209-1748

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Parent's Night Out!

Parent's Night Out! September 30th Price per child $20 Member and $30 Non-Member 5:30pm-9:30pm. ($5 off siblings) Sign-up Online or e-mail Kristen Mowen at Deadline to sign-up Wed, September 28th.

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Play 4 Paws

All Club FitFest Saturday October 1, 2016 8:45-10:45am $20 entry fee (T-shirt included) All Proceeds go to the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. Stations include...Cycle, Reformer Pilates, TRX, Total Conditioning and weights. To Pre-Register contact Nancy Hannan at or 913.648.8077

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Reformer October Special

Saturday Pilates Reformer Classes 10:00-11:00 throughout October Mind-Body Studio Sessions are for anyone wanting to increase strength and flexibility. Cost is $125 for all Saturday classes (a $25 savings) Contact Nancy Hannan at

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Swimming Stroke & Turn Clinic

Instruction with a 2-time Olympic Trial Qualifier and NCAA Champion, Shara Stafford, open to all ages and abilities November 5th, 10:00am-11:30am $30/Member $35/Non Member

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Month to month starting September 6th-February 28th with coach Katie Kopp $55/Members $65/Non Members

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GROUP Swim Lessons for Kids!

Held once a week for 8 weeks (either Tuesday/Thursday). FREE for members on the 24 month contract, $40 on any other contract & $90 for NON members. Registration ONLINE ONLY starting October 24th-October 28th. Start date: November 1st/November 3rd

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COMING SOON! MARCH 12TH You don't have to be a professional dancer to get a great workout. All levels are encouraged to join us every Saturday 11:00 am in the Group Exercise Studio. Class will be lead by our very own Windy Farr. Trendy style hip hop workout done to hip, upbeat dance tunes. Isolation and coordination exercises along with hip hop linking steps, additional floor stretch and conditioning exercises. A funky Hip hop dance routine fused with Pop, Jazz and Contemporary dance moves taught in every class. You will burn calories while you find your inner groove! You will also get increased energy, conditioning, and a confidence boost.

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Fresh Mix

Are you looking for an invigorating, fun, and challenging workout? Would you like to get a heart-pumping cardio workout, mixed with strength, toning and flexibility for the whole body, all in ONE class? Please join us for Fresh Mix

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Managers Corner

Make Your Workouts More PerFit








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Make Your Workouts More PerFit

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s a great time to get back on track. PerFit, the personal training app powered by Prairie Life Fitness, gives you a customized workout in the gym or on the go. Designed to enhance your favorite workouts and your lifestyle, PerFit always fits into your busy schedule.

New updates include:

• Workout Tracking

• Track workout history and current, daily and week step activity with iHealth.

• Provides access to pedometer for Step Tracking

• Start / Stop

• Screen Hold

• Daily exercises designed by PLF’s own world-class personal trainers.

• And more!

Visit for more information or download the app today on the APP Store or at Google Play. Let’s get going!

Where is Your PerFit Spot?

It is our goal to help you be 100% successful, in and outside of the club. We researched trends in fitness apps and developed PerFit to give our members a way to reach their goals anywhere and anytime. Every level of PerFit offers you the ability to workout whenever and wherever you go. PerFit Pro connects you with a PLF personal trainer for 100% custom workouts and communication via the app. No other app let’s you take your favorite personal trainer on the road with you.

Follow us @ and let us know your favorite PerFit spot today.

PerFit + Your World = Your Gym

PerFit keeps you motivated by offering a wide range of workouts that are tailored to your fitness level and can be performed wherever you happen to be. Where is your favorite PerFit spot? Home? Hotel room? Outside? School track? Yes, we have workouts perfect for all those places. PerFit also has workouts that are great to use in the clubs where you have access to all the latest fitness equipment. Enjoy the flexible freedom that this robust personal training program can do for you.

Other features include:

• The PerFit Video of the Week - See step-by-step instructions of a workout developed by a PLF personal trainer. Each preview includes high quality video and audio.

• Use your mobile device to become fitter and healthier you at a low monthly cost. Your smartphone just became your all-in-one training tool.

• From yoga to upper body, lower body and all over routines, PerFit keeps you from plateauing. Bye-bye boring workouts!

Different Levels for Different Needs

PerFit (FREE) At this introductory level you pick from a choice group of workouts, developed by our Prairie Life Fitness certified personal trainers. Each workout includes step-by-step instructions with high quality video and audio, so using advanced equipment or learning new exercises is made simple. Choose workouts based upon the equipment available to you and get moving without the limitations of time or place.

PerFit Plus ($4.99) With an in-app upgrade, you can advance to PerFit Plus. You’ll complete your profile where you’ll share your current fitness condition and your fitness goals. From there, PerFit Plus will take your data and build your personal workout plan. If your goals or preferences change you can update your profile anytime. You can also swap out an exercise if you have an injury that makes a certain exercise too hard. Or if there is an exercise you simply do not like, PerFit will provide a comparable exercise, based on your fitness goals.

PerFit Pro (Ask a personal trainer today for more information on how to get custom workouts sent directly to your device.)

PerFit Pro is here to take your fitness to the next level. We will match you with a Prairie Life Fitness certified personal trainer who will help you exceed your fitness goals. Your personal trainer creates custom tailored workouts and continued interaction via the PerFit app. This one-on-one interaction will help you achieve results you never thought possible. Your personal trainer will build and schedule your workouts, which are automatically added to your phone’s calendar.

Each exercise features step-by-step instructions with audio, video and visual instruction, which makes working out intuitive and simple. With it, you can have your personal trainer with you at all times and work out when and where it’s most convenient for you.




Upcoming Events at PLF:

Total Conditioning
September 14th: 4:30pm
New Instructor. New Time. Same great class! Join Lindsey for a full body boot camp in the aerobics studio. This class is included in membership and sure to push you to a great workout! Starting September 14th!
Labor Day Schedule
Club Hours: 6:00 am – 11:00 pm
Café Hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Nursery Hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cycle: 8:30-9:30  Natalie
The Burn: 9:00-10:00 Sarrisa
Yoga: 10:00-11:00 Melinda
Master Swim: noon James

Play 4 Paws
October 1st: 8:45-10:45am
Indoor Fit Fest! All Club Fitness Showcase followed by refreshments. $20 entry free which includes t-shirt. All proceeds go to The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. During this event, you will get to experience different workouts throughout the club while having a great time!
Cycle Extreme
Tuesdays:  10:30-11:20am
Join Natalie every Tuesday for an hour of cycle cardio and boot camp!

*If you have specific images associated with each event, you may also attach them in your email with this document as a zip file with each image named using the naming convention (Date of Post_Name of Location). Any images provided must be high resolution, or comparable stock image will be used.

Manager's Corner

Hut Hut Hike!

It’s time again to get ready for back-to-school activities, cooler weather and fall football games. The change in season allows for different outdoors activities to be added to your normal fitness routines; raking leaves, hiking, cycling and more. Discovering new ways to incorporate fitness into everyday life enhances the “work” you do at the gym. And, the “work” you do at the gym enhances your everyday life. T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N!

Don’t risk fitness fumbles. Get ready to go long by adding the PerFit Personal Trainer APP to your arsenal of fitness tools. PerFit makes getting and staying on track easy and fun. At the club or on the go, you have access to custom workouts, exercise videos, step tracking and so much more. Learn more about the benefits of PerFit in this month’s newsletter below.

Be watching for New Fall Class Schedules! We encourage you to try something new this season. Take on a new challenge. Most classes are free of charge and all of them will work your muscles in different ways.

C’mon team, let’s get fit and keep having family fun!

Dustin Lewis, General Manager

Perfit exercise of the month

Plank to strengthen your abs, back and shoulders.
Click above to see a video of our exercise of the month and click below to download PerFit, available on both iPhone and Android!



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