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Doggie Dip

Dog Days of summer will be here soon! Look for information on our upcoming event to celebrate the last day for our outdoor pool.

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Fall Youth Swim Team / Swim Lesson Registration

PLF is an authorized provider for American Red Cross swim lessons. All lead Instructors are WSI Certified with the American Red Cross. Classes are level 1 - 5 and a Parent and Child Program. Classes are 30 minutes in length. We ask for all parents to wait outside the pool area while their children are participating in lessons. Fall Registration will start on-line only at 12:01am starting August 22nd. Classes run September 7th - October 31st. Register early as classes fill up quickly. Non-members may register for lessons with a cost of $80.00 per session. Payment (if applicable)is due first day of class. Members currently under a 24 month contract lessons are free otherwise there is a $40.00 charge if you are not under a current 24 month contract. Swim Team fees are $35 for Members and $80 for non-members SWIM TEAM session I is Sept 7th - October 31st and registration for session II starts November 1st and runs November 2nd - December 20th.

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Private Swim Lessons currently available

Private 30 Minute Lesson (1 Student) $25.00 and Semi-Private 30 Minute lesson (2-3) Students for $18.00 per participant. PLF Members Non-Members $31.00 for Private and $26.00 for Semi-Private.

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Swim Lesson Level Standards

Swim Lesson Level Standards Implemented by the American Red Cross “For each of the five Learn-to-Swim levels, there are required skills with completion requirements given. To be certified at a given level, students must meet the requirements for the course.” -The American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor’s Manual Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills • Feet first entry (jump) off of dock • Enter water unassisted, move 5 yards, bob 5 times to chin level and safely exit the water. • Float on front with support for 3 seconds, roll to back and float on back with support for 3 seconds. • While floating or standing, be able to place entire face in water • Understanding and performance of basic kicking and arm movements in water Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills • Bob underwater, completely submerged • Unassisted floating in chest-deep water, both on front and on back for 5 seconds each • Backstroke, using a combination of arm and leg actions for 15 feet . Ability to jump from the left side of the dock towards the beach, perform proficient front stroke to the beach, with arms out of water and the flutter kick. (15 feet) . Understanding of treading, with both kicking and arm movements. Tread for 10 seconds in chest deep water. Level 3: Stroke Development • 15 yards of front crawl with face in the water and rhythmic breathing pattern (to either side) • Maintain position in deep water by treading for 1 minute • 15 yards of back crawl • Basic understanding of both the breast stroke and butterfly kicks • Perform a kneeling dive into deep water • Floating on either front or back for 30 seconds in deep water Level 4: Stroke Improvement • Feet first entry into deep water, such as the big diving board • Standing dive off of dock into deep water • Perform 15 yards of each of the following: . Butterfly kick . Sidestroke kick . Elementary backstroke . Breaststroke • Perform 25 yards of each of the following strokes proficiently: . Front Crawl . Back Crawl . Maintain position in deep water for 1 minute each . Floating or Sculling . Treading water Level 5: Stroke Refinement • Shallow dive • Knowledge of both rhythmic and rotary breathing skills for the front crawl • Tread water for 2 minutes in deep water • Endurance abilities of: . 25 yards of elementary backstroke . 25 yards of butterfly . 25 yards of sidestroke . 50 yards of breast stroke . 50 yards of backstroke . 50 yards of front crawl

Adult Swim Program

Novice - Tuesday mornings 8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. with Jerrett. Advanced is Wednesday mornings 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. with Julie Barr. Monday 5:30 - 6:30PM is Advanced Adult Swimming with Katie.

Club Newsletter

Managers Corner

On Your Mark. Get Set. PerFit.

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On Your Mark. Get Set. PerFit.
Imagine having the convenience of personal trainer at your fingertips. At the gym, in your home, on-the-go, wherever you are; having a workout routine personalized just for you is as easy as downloading the PerFit app. Powered by Prairie Life Fitness, PerFit makes the knowledge of our best in class personal trainers accessible to anyone, anytime.

We created and developed the PerFit app because we understand that life, work, kids and school can make it difficult to keep a regular exercise schedule. Let alone scheduling time with a personal trainer. We know you need to keep up with your workout routine in an efficient way. PerFit was designed with you in mind. Download it today on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

What can a PerFit Personal Training Program do for you?
Usage of fitness apps has increased over 87% in recent years. The top uses are motivation, goal tracking, workout ideas and calorie tracking, among others. PerFit keeps you motivated by offering a wide range of workouts that are tailored to your fitness level and can be performed wherever you happen to be. Where is your PerFit Spot? Home? Hotel room? Outside? School track? Yes, we have workouts perfect for all those places. PerFit also has workouts that are great to use in the clubs where you have access to all the latest fitness equipment. Enjoy the flexible freedom that this robust personal training program can do for you.

Other features includes; IT VIDEO OF THE WEEK

  • The PerFit Video of the Week - See step-by-step instructions of a workout developed by an expert trainer. Each preview includes high quality video and audio.
  • Go to the “I Want More!” tab within your PerFit app menu to get benefits of one-on-one attention from a PLF trainer. Try it today to learn more and contact PLF.
  • Use your mobile device to help you become a fitter and healthier you at a low monthly cost. Your smart phone just got smarter; it became a training tool.
  • From yoga to upper body, lower body and all over routines, PerFit will keep you from plateauing. Say goodbye to boring workouts. So long to staying in a rut.

Different Levels for Different Needs
PerFit (Free) At this introductory level you pick from a choice group of workouts, developed by our Prairie Life Fitness certified personal trainers. Each workout includes step-by-step instructions with high quality video and audio, so using advanced equipment or learning new exercises is made simple. Choose your workouts based upon the equipment available to you and get moving without the limitations of time or place.

PerFit Plus ($4.99) With an in-app upgrade, you can advance to PerFit Plus. You’ll complete your profile where you’ll share your current fitness condition and your fitness goals. From there, PerFit Plus will take your data and build your personal workout plan. If your goals or preferences change you can update your profile anytime. You can also swap out an exercise if you have an injury that makes a certain exercise too hard. Or if there is an exercise you simply do not like, PerFit will provide a comparable exercise, based on your fitness goals.

PerFit Pro ($9.99/month) You’re ready to take it to the next level and PerFit Pro is here to help. Contact us and we will match you with Prairie Life Fitness certified personal trainer who can help you reach your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will provide custom tailored workouts and continued interaction with you via the PerFit app. This one-on-one interaction will help you achieve results you never thought you could before. Your personal trainer will build and schedule your workouts, which are automatically added to your phone’s calendar.

With PerFit Pro, your custom workouts, from your Personal Trainer, are tailored and sent to you via PerFit Pro and even synced with your calendar, ensuring you stay on schedule and on track to meet your goals. Each exercise features step-by-step instructions with audio, video and visual instruction, which makes working out intuitive and simple. With it, you can have your personal trainer with you at all times and work out when and where it’s most convenient for you.

Prairie Life Fitness & PerFit – The Perfect Pair
Life is busy and there is not a one size fits all solution to your fitness needs. We are proud to have some of country’s best and most dedicated professional trainers in the country work at our clubs. Currently, one out of ten members are able to work with our personal training staff. PerFit invites the other 90% of our members to experience the benefits of a trainer. Give it a try today, what do you have to lose?

Club News


Upcoming Events at PLF


Wounded Warriors 

We will be hosting an event that is going to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project. On September 19th at 9am we will be doing an HOUR OF BURPEES! You will need to get sponsors per a burpee completes (5 cents per burpee, 500 burpees = $25) If you are interested contact Jack Hooley at


Parents Night Out: September 11th

Drop the kids off from 5:00pm-9:00pm and go have a kid free fun night! Dinner is included, cost for 1 child is $20, 2 children is $30, 3 children is $35, additional children after 3 are $5 per a child, all children must be on the same membership, or same family. Ages 3 and older are, and non-members are welcome to participate in this event. 

Homeschool PE

Home school PE will be Monday’s and Wednesday’s running 1:00pm-1:45pm 

Moms Morning Out

Drop the kids off on Thursdays from 9am-12pm so you can paint the town red. Go and get your shopping done, get a mani/pedi, or simply just have a little peace and quiet for a few hours. The children will be engaged in activities throughout the morning and a snack will be provided. Cost for this event is, $15 for one child, $25 for 2 children, $30 for 3 children, $5 for each additional child after 3. 

GROUP X Joan Beck

Group X Schedule 

Be on the lookout for a new updated Group X schedule starting September 14th


NEW Director

Help us in welcoming Peg Ryan as our new Aquatics director. Peg has been with Prairie Life teaching group x classes and more. 

Swim Lesson

Fall Swim Lessons will begin on September 7th and run through October 31st

Swim Team 

Fall Swim Team will runs September 7th - October 31st, the second session will run November 2nd - December 20th.


Small Group Training

Join Jennifer Binder on Saturday mornings at 8am for her small group boot camp. This is an interval style boot camp for all fitness levels. Contact Jennifer is you are interested at

Fit Club Ages 11-14

Fit club will be meeting on Tuesday and Thursdays at 5:00-5:45. Please register for this class online at under youth class registration. Trainer Brian O’Reilly will be running the workouts.

Pilates Reformer Charlene Covey 


We want your REFERRALS!  Share your love of Pilates with your mother, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends, father and EVERYONE in between!  For every name and contact information we receive you will be entered into a drawing for some AWESOME prizes including a half hour massage, free Pilates sessions, guest passes, a FREE month membership and MUCH, MUCH MORE!! Non-members are welcome!  Don't keep Pilates a secret!  Let everyone know and you could win big!  Referral promotion runs through September 30th.  One entry for each referral, therefore you can win more than one prize! Referral forms are available in the Pilates room or at the Pilates table by the front door.  


Manager's Corner

The Smart Way to Kick off the Season

Did someone say back-to-school? Football? Cooler temperatures? Difficult to believe that summer vacation is over again. But, we’ve made it through another summer of fun and it is time to get back into our normal, busy routines again.

Routines… Even the word screams, “boring!” But, it doesn’t need to be. We are creatures of habit and need our routines. Workout routines help us achieve the next goal of fitness levels but it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Doing the same thing day after day and expecting to achieve different results may not be insane but it can be extremely frustrating for the fit-minded. In the clubs, we offer many ways to mix it up and keep members from hitting plateaus, personal trainers, classes and special activities around the club. However, many of you just want to come and do our own thing and we understand that. For you, we’ve developed the PerFit personal training app. You can read about it in this month’s newsletter. Think about it as one more way to put that data plan to work for you!

Here’s to a winning season of successful workouts and as always, family fun!

Thank you for your membership!

Joanna Cole, General Manager

Perfit exercise of the month

Crossover Crunches - Twist up the Workout!

Click above to see a video of our exercise of the month and click below to download PerFit, available on both iPhone and Android!



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