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PARENTS NIGHT OUT: December 11th

Send the kids to PLF for a fun night of games, arts and crafts, and a movie! Decembers theme is "The Polar Express." This event will start at 5pm and end at 9pm, dinner is included, cost for 1 child is $20, 2 children is $30, 3 children is $35, additional children after 3 are $5 per a child, all children must be on the same membership, or same family. Ages 3 and older are, and non-member are welcome to participate in this event. Registration is open online at under "youth class registration"

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Holiday Club Hours

Holiday Club Hours Thanksgiving: 5am-4pm Youth Programs: 8:30am-2pm Christmas Eve: 5am-4pm Youth Programs: 8:30am-2pm Christmas Day: CLOSED New Year's Eve: 5am-6pm Youth Programs: 8:30am-4pm New Year's Day: 5am-Midnights Youth Programs: 8:30am-7pm

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Babysitting Class Ages 11+

Join us for a babysitting class on Monday and Tuesday December 21st-22nd 11:30am-4:30pm. This is a class geared towards girls and boys 11 years and older who are looking to get into the babysitting game. At the end of the class your child will have earned their CPR, first-aid, and babysitting certifications. Cost is $85 and all materials will be provided. Bring a sack lunch or order from the café. Please contact Kat Wardian for any questions or 402-537-0430

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Fall Youth Swim Team / Swim Lesson Registration

PLF is an authorized provider for American Red Cross swim lessons. All lead Instructors are WSI Certified with the American Red Cross. Classes are level 1 - 5 and a Parent and Child Program. Classes are 30 minutes in length. We ask for all parents to wait outside the pool area while their children are participating in lessons. Fall Registration will start on-line only at 12:01am starting August 22nd. Classes run September 7th - October 31st. Register early as classes fill up quickly. Non-members may register for lessons with a cost of $80.00 per session. Payment (if applicable)is due first day of class. Members currently under a 24 month contract lessons are free otherwise there is a $40.00 charge if you are not under a current 24 month contract. Swim Team fees are $35 for Members and $80 for non-members SWIM TEAM session I is Sept 7th - October 31st and registration for session II starts November 1st and runs November 2nd - December 20th.

For more information contact

Private Swim Lessons currently available

Private 30 Minute Lesson (1 Student) $25.00 and Semi-Private 30 Minute lesson (2-3) Students for $18.00 per participant. PLF Members Non-Members $31.00 for Private and $26.00 for Semi-Private.

For more information contact

Adult Swim Program

Novice - Tuesday mornings 8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. with Jerrett. Advanced is Wednesday mornings 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. with Julie Barr. Monday 5:30 - 6:30PM is Advanced Adult Swimming with Katie.

Swim Lesson Level Standards

Swim Lesson Level Standards Implemented by the American Red Cross “For each of the five Learn-to-Swim levels, there are required skills with completion requirements given. To be certified at a given level, students must meet the requirements for the course.” -The American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor’s Manual Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills • Feet first entry (jump) off of dock • Enter water unassisted, move 5 yards, bob 5 times to chin level and safely exit the water. • Float on front with support for 3 seconds, roll to back and float on back with support for 3 seconds. • While floating or standing, be able to place entire face in water • Understanding and performance of basic kicking and arm movements in water Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills • Bob underwater, completely submerged • Unassisted floating in chest-deep water, both on front and on back for 5 seconds each • Backstroke, using a combination of arm and leg actions for 15 feet . Ability to jump from the left side of the dock towards the beach, perform proficient front stroke to the beach, with arms out of water and the flutter kick. (15 feet) . Understanding of treading, with both kicking and arm movements. Tread for 10 seconds in chest deep water. Level 3: Stroke Development • 15 yards of front crawl with face in the water and rhythmic breathing pattern (to either side) • Maintain position in deep water by treading for 1 minute • 15 yards of back crawl • Basic understanding of both the breast stroke and butterfly kicks • Perform a kneeling dive into deep water • Floating on either front or back for 30 seconds in deep water Level 4: Stroke Improvement • Feet first entry into deep water, such as the big diving board • Standing dive off of dock into deep water • Perform 15 yards of each of the following: . Butterfly kick . Sidestroke kick . Elementary backstroke . Breaststroke • Perform 25 yards of each of the following strokes proficiently: . Front Crawl . Back Crawl . Maintain position in deep water for 1 minute each . Floating or Sculling . Treading water Level 5: Stroke Refinement • Shallow dive • Knowledge of both rhythmic and rotary breathing skills for the front crawl • Tread water for 2 minutes in deep water • Endurance abilities of: . 25 yards of elementary backstroke . 25 yards of butterfly . 25 yards of sidestroke . 50 yards of breast stroke . 50 yards of backstroke . 50 yards of front crawl

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Managers Corner

Say No to Holiday Stress

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Say No to Holiday Stress

Each year most of us begin the holiday season with a high level of stress based on what we anticipate will happen in the coming weeks. Instead of projecting stress into the holidays, what would happen if we all just said “No!” to holiday stress? Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

More Ways to Merry

#1. Stretch! Begin each day by physically stretching your muscles and focusing your mind. Whether it is a bedside routine or a class at the club, warming your mind and body up for the extra demands of the holidays can help offset the stress felt during the day. Something as simple as a deep stretch and a 5-minute meditation before plugging in to our digitally chaotic culture can help keep you feeling more centered throughout the holiday season. Take this practice up a notch by adding a yoga or Pilates class to your normal workout routine and get the added bonus of extra fitness with less stress.

#2. Stop overspending. Financial burdens are often the greatest cause of holiday stress. Stop this before it even starts by setting realistic expectations for your budget. Create a realistic budget and remind yourself and your family that the holidays are not about expensive gifts. Remember family and friends are what matter most.

#3. Start keeping a holiday “To-Do” list. Create a list of tasks and mark those with the highest priority to help reduce the risk of forgetting something and help you to better focus on the task at hand. Take small steps to deal with holiday tasks instead of overwhelming yourself with last minute shopping or gift-wrapping.

#4. Stay the course. Whether it is sticking with your routine at the club, fitting in new classes when you can, sneaking in a quick workout or working out on-the-go with the PerFit Personal Training App, do not let your fitness goals rest during the holidays. You will more stressed if you miss your workouts than you are by fitting too many other things into your schedule. Don’t let the holidays hijack your regular schedule to the point where you lose sight of fitness goals. Balance the amount of events and obligations with your regularly scheduled life to keep you and your family on course. This is especially important for those with weight loss goals or achievements during the past year. Let Christmas and Hanukkah be a time of celebration without regret.

#5. Savor time for yourself. Resist being everything for everyone. Taking care of yourself during the holidays helps to keep your mind and body healthy to deal with stress and to better care for others in your life. Be aware of your stress level and know what stresses you out during the holiday season. Learn your stress triggers and how to respond to stressful situations.

#6. Serve Others. It may seem counterintuitive to add another thing to your plate but helping others often lowers your own personal stress. A change in perspective is good for our souls. Find a local charity where you and your family can volunteer together. Helping those less fortunate also builds stronger family relationships. According to The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research published by the Corporation for National and Community Service, volunteers have greater longevity, a social network to buffer stress, lower rates of depression and less incidence of heart disease.

#7. Schedule time to cook healthy meals for you and your family. Don’t let the chaos of the holiday season be an excuse to start driving through fast food restaurants or eating out more often than normal. (See #2 about the ’ol budget…) Plan ahead and have meals prepared so not only will you not overspend on food this season, you will also still be able to eat healthy. Who wouldn’t rather spend that extra savings on fun family gifts, a trip or a massage or new car? Well, fast food doesn’t cost as much as a new car but you get the idea!

#8. Sleep! Get your Zzzzz. Who knew that sleep helps reduce your stress level? This, by the way, is true year round not just during the holidays. However, when faced with impending visits from Aunt Betty, Uncle Bob and cousin Susie, who always gets her way, it is best to be prepared with a full night’s sleep. No one can be expected to go into that kind of situation with limited hours of sleep and not get stressed out to the max. That is the next Lifetime® movie just waiting to happen. The holidays are supposed to be Happy not Dramatic. Get lots of good rest and get on Santa‘s (and everyone else‘s) good list!

Club News


Upcoming Events at PLF

CLUB NEWS Kat Wardian

Welcome our NEW Physical Therapist: Ryan Sweeney PT, DPT, OCS 

How I help people achieve extraordinary results:
I believe in treating people the way I would want to be treated. I strive to listen, to educate, to set and achieve goals that matter to the people I see, and have fun while doing it. Having a one-on-one environment and access to a full gym allows me to use evidence=-based techniques for a variety of specialty fields that best suit the needs of my patients. My ultimate goal is to help everyone exceed their expectations. 


Parents Night Out: “The Polar Express” December 11th   
Drop the kids off from 5:00pm-9:00pm and go have a kid free fun night! Dinner is included, cost for 1 child is $20, 2 children is $30, 3 children is $35, additional children after 3 are $5 per a child, all children must be on the same membership, or same family. Ages 3 and older are, and non-members are welcome to participate in this event. We will not be swimming at this event, but please come ready to ride on the Polar Express in your favorite Christmas PJ’s

Homeschool PE
Home school PE will be Monday’s and Wednesday’s running 1:00pm-1:45pm. PE is free for PLF members; cost for non-members is $6 for the first child and $3 for additional children with a max of $15. Winter Break: There will be no PE during the weeks of December 21st-January 1st. We will see everyone back on Monday January 4th. 

Moms Morning Out
Drop the kids off on Thursdays from 9am-12pm so you can paint the town red. Go and get your shopping done, get a mani/pedi, or simply just have a little peace and quiet for a few hours. The children will be engaged in activities throughout the morning and a snack will be provided. Cost for this event is, $15 for one child, $25 for 2 children, $30 for 3 children, $5 for each additional child after 3. 

Moms Morning Shopping Week: December 14th -18th 
Drop the kids off at PLF during the week of December 14th -18th from 9am-12pm so you can get all of your Holiday shopping done! The children will be engaged in activities throughout the morning and a snack will be provided. Cost for this event is, $15 for one child, $25 for 2 children, $30 for 3 children, $5 for each additional child after 3.

Princess Tea Party: December 19th 
Come and join us on Saturday, December 19th from 12:30pm-4:30pm for an afternoon with the Princesses. Come dressed as your favorite princess as there will be appearances by any different princesses. Lunch, tea, activities, and a movie will be provided at this event. Members and Non-Members are $20 for 1 child, $30 for 2 children, $35 for 3 children ($5 for any additional children all must be on the same membership or in the same family if a non-member.)

Babysitting Class: Ages 11+
Join us for a babysitting class on December 21st and 22nd from 11:30am-4:30pm. This is a class geared towards girls and boys 11 years and older who are looking to get into the babysitting game. At the end of the class your child will have earned their CPR, first aid, and babysitting certifications. All materials will be provided. Cost for this course is $85. (Guest to the club must pay a daily drop in fee)

Youth Day Camps
When school is out we are open, we follow the Papillion La Vista and Ralston School districts Calendar. If you need all day child care on the days where your child’s school is out and you still have to go to work we can help. We will be doing arts and crafts, playing organized games, free play in the gym, swimming, watching a movie, and more. Cost for camp is $30 per a day (Guest to the club must pay a daily drop in fee)

Volleyball Camp: December 21st-23rd 
Morgan Lampe a former Bellevue East Volleyball player and now a junior high coach will be teaching your children the proper skills, technique, and etiquette to play volleyball. This is a 3 day clinic from December 21st-23rd. Day rates are available please contact Kat Wardian with any questions.
9am-11am: Ages 10+ cost= $65
11:15am-12:15pm: Ages 6-9 cost=$35

GROUP X Joan Beck


We are excited to inform you all that NEW equipment will in coming in during the month of December! If you are interested in getting better acquainted with the equipment and learning how to use it please purchases a new equipment orientation package-Running all of December (4 one hour sessions for $200)

Holiday Training Package
When you purchase 24+ training sessions (one on one, tandem, or group) you will earn 4 FREE one hour session package to give away! *The 4 pack can be for a member or non-member but must be used within 14 days from the time you use the first session.

NEW TRAINER: Katie Zoucha
Katie grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and attended Hastings College where she played volleyball. She graduated in 2015 with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Strength and Conditioning. She has experience with weight loss programs, cardiac rehab, and dietetics. Katie is also a volleyball coach at Gross Catholic High School. She enjoys working with all ages including young athletes, those trying to lose weight, and the aging adult. “Being physically active is a lifelong commitment and I am excited to work with clients to show them how important it is to improve your overall health and wellness.”

Elevation Sport Performance 
Coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled and your athletes ready. Contact Matt Johnston for more details.

PILATES Reformer Charlene Covey 

The Perfect Gift, the Gift of HEALTH
We are offering special pricing for Pilates Christmas packages and we have made it EASY to get exactly what you want for Christmas!  Our special "gift cards" offer many options.  Just check the package you are hoping to receive on the card and give the card to the gift giver.  All they need to do is contact me, Charlene Covey, Pilates Director to purchase the package and I will take care of the rest.  And on that special morning you can wake up to receive exactly what you wanted for Christmas - the gift of health!   Cards are available at the gym - at the front desk, on the table by the Pilates room or from any Pilates instructor. 

Drop in Classes 
Look for special DROP IN CLASSES the week of Christmas and New Year's!  Special prices, a great deal and a great way to keep the pounds off during the holidays!


Manager's Corner

Sneaky Stress

The holly and jolly of the holiday season is upon us. The halls have been decked, trees are being trimmed, and bells are being rung.... Along with all this hustle and bustle, holiday stress hops onboard for a free ride if we let it.

The pressure to create the perfect holiday causes stress for most Americans. This month’s newsletter suggests ways in which we each might try to change that tradition for ourselves and enjoy a low-stress season. After all, the holidays aren’t about elaborate decorating, preparing a memorable meal and searching for the perfect holiday gift. They are about being with friends and family and sharing time together. Thank you for the time you spend with us, your PLF Family, throughout the year.

May Your Holiday Season Be Merry & Stress Free, 

Joanna Cole, General Manager

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