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Join us Thursday October 29th from 5:30pm-7:30pm for our annual Halloween party. There will be candy, game, a haunted house and a bounce house. Pre sale tickets are $9 entry and meal or a $5 entry. Day of pricing is $6 entry and $5 meal.

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Saturday October 17th at 12pm we will be having a Tailgate party for the Nebraska vs. Minnesota game. This is a FREE event for bring friends. Food will be provided by "Just Good Meats"

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Fall Youth Swim Team / Swim Lesson Registration

PLF is an authorized provider for American Red Cross swim lessons. All lead Instructors are WSI Certified with the American Red Cross. Classes are level 1 - 5 and a Parent and Child Program. Classes are 30 minutes in length. We ask for all parents to wait outside the pool area while their children are participating in lessons. Fall Registration will start on-line only at 12:01am starting August 22nd. Classes run September 7th - October 31st. Register early as classes fill up quickly. Non-members may register for lessons with a cost of $80.00 per session. Payment (if applicable)is due first day of class. Members currently under a 24 month contract lessons are free otherwise there is a $40.00 charge if you are not under a current 24 month contract. Swim Team fees are $35 for Members and $80 for non-members SWIM TEAM session I is Sept 7th - October 31st and registration for session II starts November 1st and runs November 2nd - December 20th.

For more information contact

Private Swim Lessons currently available

Private 30 Minute Lesson (1 Student) $25.00 and Semi-Private 30 Minute lesson (2-3) Students for $18.00 per participant. PLF Members Non-Members $31.00 for Private and $26.00 for Semi-Private.

For more information contact

Swim Lesson Level Standards

Swim Lesson Level Standards Implemented by the American Red Cross “For each of the five Learn-to-Swim levels, there are required skills with completion requirements given. To be certified at a given level, students must meet the requirements for the course.” -The American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor’s Manual Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills • Feet first entry (jump) off of dock • Enter water unassisted, move 5 yards, bob 5 times to chin level and safely exit the water. • Float on front with support for 3 seconds, roll to back and float on back with support for 3 seconds. • While floating or standing, be able to place entire face in water • Understanding and performance of basic kicking and arm movements in water Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills • Bob underwater, completely submerged • Unassisted floating in chest-deep water, both on front and on back for 5 seconds each • Backstroke, using a combination of arm and leg actions for 15 feet . Ability to jump from the left side of the dock towards the beach, perform proficient front stroke to the beach, with arms out of water and the flutter kick. (15 feet) . Understanding of treading, with both kicking and arm movements. Tread for 10 seconds in chest deep water. Level 3: Stroke Development • 15 yards of front crawl with face in the water and rhythmic breathing pattern (to either side) • Maintain position in deep water by treading for 1 minute • 15 yards of back crawl • Basic understanding of both the breast stroke and butterfly kicks • Perform a kneeling dive into deep water • Floating on either front or back for 30 seconds in deep water Level 4: Stroke Improvement • Feet first entry into deep water, such as the big diving board • Standing dive off of dock into deep water • Perform 15 yards of each of the following: . Butterfly kick . Sidestroke kick . Elementary backstroke . Breaststroke • Perform 25 yards of each of the following strokes proficiently: . Front Crawl . Back Crawl . Maintain position in deep water for 1 minute each . Floating or Sculling . Treading water Level 5: Stroke Refinement • Shallow dive • Knowledge of both rhythmic and rotary breathing skills for the front crawl • Tread water for 2 minutes in deep water • Endurance abilities of: . 25 yards of elementary backstroke . 25 yards of butterfly . 25 yards of sidestroke . 50 yards of breast stroke . 50 yards of backstroke . 50 yards of front crawl

Adult Swim Program

Novice - Tuesday mornings 8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. with Jerrett. Advanced is Wednesday mornings 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. with Julie Barr. Monday 5:30 - 6:30PM is Advanced Adult Swimming with Katie.

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Managers Corner

Are You Aware of this Breast Cancer News?

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Are You Aware of this Breast Cancer News?

The reasons for fighting obesity keep getting stronger and stronger, as the latest medical study published by Cornell University will prove… Researchers found that women who are obese have a higher risk and a worse prognosis for breast cancer, but the reasons why remain unclear. The study, published in Science Translational Medicine, explains how obesity changes the consistency of breast tissue. Similar to tumors, disease is promoted within dense tissue versus lean tissue. And, while a percentage of obesity is inherited, studies such as this mark the medical importance fighting genetics with a healthy lifestyle.

The study shows obesity leads to a stiffening of a meshwork of material that surrounds fat cells in the breast, called the extracellular matrix, and these biomechanical changes create the right conditions for tumor growth. The results should also cause pause against using certain fat cells from obese women in plastic and reconstructive breast surgeries. These cells could possibly promote recurring breast cancer. Lastly, clinicians may need to use finer-scale imaging techniques in mammograms for obese women, to detect possible denser extracellular matrix. Until the findings of this study were issued, clinicians and doctors alike wouldn’t have necessarily looked for stiffening tissue as a clinical biomarker.

"We all know that obesity is bad; the metabolism changes and hormones change, so when looking for links to breast cancer, researchers almost exclusively have focused on the biochemical changes happening. But what these findings show is that there are also biophysical changes that are important," said Claudia Fischbach, associate professor of biomedical engineering and the paper's senior author. Bo Ri Seo, a graduate student in Fischbach's lab, is the paper's first author. The study is a collaboration between Cornell's Ithaca campus and researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College and includes Dr. Andrew Dannenberg, professor of medicine.

Fischbach explains in more depth, ”Fat tissue in obese women has more cells called myofibroblasts, compared with fat tissue in normal-weight women. Myofibroblasts are wound-healing cells that determine whether a scar will form. All cells secrete compounds to create an extracellular matrix, and they remodel and grab onto this meshwork to make tissue. But when myofibroblasts make an extracellular matrix, they pull together -- the action needed to close a wound -- stiffening the tissue.

These are cells in our body regardless of injury. In obese women, there are more myofibroblasts than in lean women, which leads to scarring and stiffening without an injury in the extracellular matrix. Tumors also recruit more myofibroblasts than are found in healthy tissue, which also leads to stiffer extracellular matrix,” said Fischbach.

A Positive Trend

In the United States, 33.5% of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer died from the disease in 1988. By 2010, that number dropped to 23.5%, according to research from the National Cancer Institute. This means a 76.5% of diagnosed women survive breast cancer.

"Breast cancer mortality rates following diagnosis have been decreasing over four decades, not only in the first five years after diagnosis but thereafter," said Mitchell Gail, senior investigator in the biostatistics branch of the National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics and lead author of a recent study published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology. "Little of the improvement could be explained by changes in tumor size or estrogen-receptor status over time in women under age 70. This suggests a major contribution from treatment and early detection."

Other October Awareness Events

October is an action-packed awareness month for those who are interested in getting involved in cause related events. Chances are, whatever you are most passionate about, there are community events, 5k marathons, fundraisers and many other ways to make a difference to your cause. A simple online search will help you find a yearly schedule of awareness months.

October is best known as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month but as you will see, there are a number of other important diseases and topics that are also honored this month. Raising awareness and becoming involved in events is an excellent way to share your passions with others, while maintaining and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

•    National Breast Cancer Awareness

•    National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

•    SIDS Awareness Month

•    Spina Bifida Awareness Month (promoted by the Spina Bifida Association)

•    Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

•    Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (15th)

•    Domestic Violence Awareness Month

•    Mental Illness Awareness Week (first full week of October)

•    World Mental Health Day (10th)

•    Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week (12th-20th)

•    National Health Education Week (third full week of October)

•    International Infection Prevention Week (third full week of October)

•    Respiratory Care Week (last full week of October)

•    Healthy Lung Month

•    Red Ribbon Week (last week of October)

•    Eye Injury Prevention Month

•    Home Eye Safety Month

•    Health Literacy Month

•    National Physical Therapy Month


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Upcoming Events at PLF


Doggie Dip: October 4th 

Join us on Sunday October 4th from 2pm-4pm for our annual end of summer doggie dip. Entry is $2, and or a donation for the Nebraska Humane Society, all proceeds and donations will be given to the NHS.

Please bring a current copy of your pets vaccinations. 


Nebraska vs. Minnesota Tailgate: October 17th 


GO BIG RED!!! Come on up to Prairie Life on Saturday October 17th for the big game. Free food and fun for all for bring friends. The food will be provided by Just Good Meat. Time of the event is still to be determined.  

Halloween Party: Thursday October 29th

Trick or Treat, it’s that time of the year again. Come on out for our annual Halloween Party. There will be food, games, a haunted house, and a bounce house. Entry for this event is $5 per a child. Non-members are welcome so bring friends.


Parents Night Out: “Monster Mash” October 9th  

Drop the kids off from 5:00pm-9:00pm and go have a kid free fun night! Dinner is included, cost for 1 child is $20, 2 children is $30, 3 children is $35, additional children after 3 are $5 per a child, all children must be on the same membership, or same family. Ages 3 and older are, and non-members are welcome to participate in this event. Come dressed in your costume. (We will not be swimming at this event) 

Homeschool PE

Home school PE will be Monday’s and Wednesday’s running 1:00pm-1:45pm. PE is free for PLF members; cost for non-members is $6 for the first child and $3 for additional children with a max of $15. 

Moms Morning Out

Drop the kids off on Thursdays from 9am-12pm so you can paint the town red. Go and get your shopping done, get a mani/pedi, or simply just have a little peace and quiet for a few hours. The children will be engaged in activities throughout the morning and a snack will be provided. Cost for this event is, $15 for one child, $25 for 2 children, $30 for 3 children, $5 for each additional child after 3. 

GROUP X Joan Beck

Class Pass Month

October is class pass month, bring a friend to your favorite group fitness class for FREE. Ask any instructor for a pass. The pass is only valid for group fitness classes and may only be used during the month of October. 

Cycle for Breast Cancer: October 17th 

Since October is breast cancers awareness month, on October 17th we will be holding a spin class in the lobby. Reserve a spot now for $10 per hour, up to 3 hours now, all proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen foundation. 


Power Lifting Competition: November 21st 

Register now for the Power Lifting competition on Saturday November 21st. See Personal Trainer Clint Urbanovsky with questions or more details at 

Justin Rudiger: Kickstart

Introducing Prairie Life’s newest personal training program KICKSTART! Kickstart is a four week, one on one, 30 minute metabolic resistance training program. With this program you will set your metabolism on fire with three 30 minute personalized training sessions each week (12 total training sessions). Learn how to get more out of your cardio in with interval training.  Program is designed for individuals of all fitness levels and experiences.  If you're looking to get more results in less time this fall then KICKSTART is the program for you!  Cost of the program is $480. Contact Justin Rudiger in the fitness center or at for more information or to get signed up today!


Clay is from Kaleen Texas, and moved to Nebraska City as child. Clay has trained with multiple athletes and coaches throughout high school in various training camps which inspired him further. He is a certified personal trainer through International Sports Science Association and continuing his education in the field through Clarkson College to become a PTA to further help his clients to achieve their goals in health and fitness. Clay specializes in rehabilitation and weight loss but has worked with just about every type of person. He pushes his clientele past what they thought they could ever achieve and prove to them that they can do anything they put their mind to. When not at the gym Clay loves to stay active with his son and soon to be wife. 

PILATES Reformer Charlene Covey 



Welcome Lynn Kurutz and Khari Reynolds as our new Pilates Instructors!  We are thrilled to welcome Khari and Lynn to our team.  Lynn brings her expertise with swimming and aquatics to her Pilates practice and Khari is focusing on Pilates to help improve athletic performance. Please stop by the Pilates table and sign up for a free demo with either instructor. 


We are so excited to offer the following NEW classes: 

WEDNESDAY 7:35 PM - 8:20 PM - 45 minutes long SPECIAL - If you are brand new to Pilates, for the first six weeks you only pay the 30 minute price, but you get a 45 minute class!

FRIDAY 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM - HAPPY HOUR CLASS - Get your workout in before the weekend!

TWO NEW INTRO TO PILATES CLASSES!  Perfect for those who are brand new to Pilates!  If you have always had an interest in trying the Pilates Reformer, but have been intimidated or were not sure how or where to start, then our Intro to Pilates class is perfect for you! 

THURSDAY 10:30 - 11:00 AM, and WEDNESDAY 4:30 - 5:15 PM - 45 minutes long SPECIAL - For the first six weeks you only pay the 30 minute price, but you get a 45 minute class!

CAFE Erin Pollard 

Did you know that we sold beer? That's right, we do! Join us every Wednesday after 5pm for $2.00 drink specials on wine and beer. See you then!

TANNING Erin Pollard 

Tanning: No tricks here, just treats! All month long buy 10 tanning sessions for $47.50 and get 5 additional tans free! Happy Halloween!


Manager's Corner

Heightened Awareness

Tricks. Treats. Leftover treats. Raiding your kid’s bag of treats… Getting ready for Halloween and all it’s festivities can make October tricky. Don’t let all the ooey, gooey deliciousness distract you. Enjoy a fat-free holiday by staying focused on your goals. You’ve made it this far, don’t let a bag of peanut butter kisses undo months of your hard work and dedication.

Okay, maybe just one or two pieces of candy but the important thing is to stay aware of what you are eating at all times. It doesn’t take long for a treat to become a habit and a habit to become hard pounds to lose. It’s disproportionately unfair how quickly pounds stack up versus the time it takes to shed them again. And, the damage those extra pounds do to our bodies over time go well beyond our jeans not fitting as well as they once did. The health ramifications of being overweight or obese are scarier than any haunted house or horror movie ever made.

Be sure to read this month’s newsletter about the link between obesity and breast cancer as we head into National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Happy Sugar-Free Halloween!

Joanna Cole, General Manager

Perfit exercise of the month

Wide Pushups - Push Yourself!

Click above to see a video of our exercise of the month and click below to download PerFit, available on both iPhone and Android!



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