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Celebrate Men's Health

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Celebrate Men's Health

June marks not only the beginning of summer but also kicks off Men’s Health Month. This Congressional health education program is celebrated across the country with health screenings, health fairs, media appearances, and other awareness programs and outreach activities. It is not by coincidence that Men’s Health Month is celebrated during the same month as Father’s Day. Here’s the health of men everywhere, whether they are fathers (yet) or not!

The goal of Men’s Health month is to bring awareness to preventable health problems that plague men and encourage early detection and treatment of disease by men and boys. Studies show that men are more resistant to seeking medical care, {insert favorite won’t ask for directions joke here}, and are less likely to take actionable steps to prevent disease or illness. Men’s Health Month pushes past the stereotype that it isn’t manly to take care of yourself. C’mon guys, it’s time!

Ways to Celebrate

Use your company’s liberal dress policy to celebrate “Wear Blue Friday” the Friday before Father’s day. Launch or join a social media campaign about the importance of getting an annual checkup. Common hashtags are #MensHealthMonth and #ShowUsYourBlue. Check local listings and social media sites for area events to get involved. On a personal level, one-on-one discussions with the men you love about their health and any potential health concerns is a courageous place to start your involvement. Don’t be afraid to have the difficult discussions with those closest to you.

Here are a few post ideas from Visit their site for more fun ways to spread awareness.

Men die five years earlier than women, on average. So time to man up and get involved in #MensHealthMonth Visit a doctor, or encourage a friend. Wise up on all the facts available for men.  Don’t forget to #ShowUsYourBlue

Men, listen up: We struggle at going to the doctor. Women go twice as much and end up living five years longer. So get it in gear during #MensHealthMonth and #ShowUsYourBlue

Men’s health is a family issue. It affects wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. Ladies, #ShowUsYourBlue and help the men in your life eat healthy, exercise and visit the doctor for #MensHealthMonth

History of Men’s Health Month

This is the 22nd annual Men’s Health Month. President Clinton signed it into law in 1994. Since then it has been giving health care providers, public policy makers, the media, and individuals an opportunity to encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury. The yearly response is overwhelming with thousands of awareness activities in the USA and around the globe.

Other Manly News…

When we are younger, we don’t realize the advantages we are giving future selves by choosing a healthy lifestyle. The young men in the clubs have other motivation than warding off the possibility of future cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes or as a new study out of Cambridge University in the UK suggests, lowering the risks for dementia. But, what awareness programs like Men’s Health Month, educated trainers and, ahem… certain newsletters… can provide is information that shed light to the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles for your entire lifetime.

The new study out of Cambridge University is a wonderful example of how taking better care of ourselves at a young age might better serve us as we age. In the study, which took place over a 20-year span, cases of dementia were shown to drop by 20% in men. During that time, the number of men who smoke has significantly decreased, therefore their arteries and hearts are in much better shape than in past decades. In addition, changes in diet and awareness of the importance of a healthier lifestyle in the areas of the UK where this study took place increased.

Professor Carol Brayne, director of the Institute of Public Health at Cambridge University, who co-led the study, said: "It may be that those things are playing a role. I know that others have suggested that men are becoming a bit more like women in terms of their health patterns."

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are far too complicated for anyone to believe that these earlier finding are the path to a cure. They most likely suggest that a disproportionate amount of men smoked compared to women and the decreasing in smoking is leveling out one risk factor in dementia. However, a 20% drop over 20 years due to lifestyle changes cannot be discounted either. It puts proof behind positive choices and it gives power to those who make them.


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Upcoming Events at PLF

Sending out a big thank you & congratulations to all of our members that participated in our first ever Mountain Challenge last month! Each participant was tasked to climb (by way of the stair climbers) Mt Everest & K2, the 2 tallest mountains in the world. And a special shout out to Heather Risser & Randy Duke- they were our fastest male & female finishers. Heather completed the 30-day challenge in less than a week!!! Members will be notified by email when t-shirt are in. Be on the lookout for our next member challenge!

Please like us on Facebook for all updates, schedule changes, events, etc… we will keep you informed!!
Summer Camps have begun.  There is still time to join us.
Toddler Camp begins June 6th please sign up today in the PLF lobby or contact
Visit the café for the always fun new additions… Are you ready for summer? Island Oasis is back on the Menu!!  Fun in the sun with a cold, fruit filled, frozen drink.
Does the word “Spinning” or “Cycling” send chills up your spine and send you running for the door.  Here is your chance to see what it’s all about and join the calorie burning cycling craze.  Cycling or “Spinning” is a great workout that can be adapted to all different fitness levels, so everyone in the class can do the same workout but challenge themselves individually.  
Sign up for the Intro to Cycle class that we will be holding the last Sunday of every month unless posted otherwise.
Sign up for the GREAT CYCLE CHALLENGE!  This is a nationwide event that we are excited to be a part of for the month of June. 
For any questions about our Group Exercise events or to sign up please contact..
Ask about our Private and Group Swim lesson and our amazing Puma Swim Team!!
Are you ready to turn up the heat in your workout routine?
Sign up for one of our NEW! PT-led Summer Series classes, including TRX, HIIT, Kettlebell, & Tabata. Classes will run 2 times a week for 6wks, with sessions running June 6- July 15 & July 18- Aug 26. You will receive a pre & post assessment, body composition testing, & 12 exercise sessions sure to test your strength, endurance, & willpower! We'll have sessions morning, noon, & night but space is limited. If you're interested in participating in one or more of these classes, email with which class you're interested in, & preferred class time. 
Ongoing PT-led classes:  X-Factor & X-Factor Endurance with Cat & Jodi;  Ladies Bootcamp with Jodi;  AM GetFIT Bootcamp with Emmery & Derrick
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Manager's Corner

Celebrate the Men You Love!
School’s out and it’s time to make a splash. Start by honoring the men in your life with Men’s Health Month activities. Raising awareness of preventable health problems and encouraging a healthy lifestyle is the best gift we can give the men we love. This month’s newsletter discusses the benefits our younger selves are giving to our future selves by living healthy. Every choice matters!

Now that summer is here the clubs will have new class schedules, new activities for kids and adults. Please let us know how we can help make your summer more fun. Looking for something unique to give the dad of the house this Father’s Day?  We have Gift Certificates available!!  Massage, Personal Training, Kids Night Out to spend some time with their daddy…it’s a sweet gift for a sweet guy!  

Thursday June 9th will be our Big Blast to Celebrate not only our Father’s but all of our Prairie Life Fitness Family.  Come ready to enjoy a cookout at the pool, games, contests, and watch some of our group classes demo what they do best!  We are so grateful for you today and ALWAYS!

Also, keep fitness at your fingertips with the PerFit App. Like Prairie Life Fitness on Facebook and share which routine you like the best. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy Father’s Day! 

Laurie Killian, General Manager

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