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PLF Swim Lessons!

Offered in both group and private settings, our swim lessons are designed to help the swimmer learn to be more comfortable and confident in the water while allowing him or her to advance at a pace that is designed to meet their needs. Stop by our office or email us for more information!

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PLF Puma Swim Team

Prairie Life offers a year round swim team program providing a great learning opportunity to our young members about physical fitness and stroke technique all while having FUN! Schedule Monday through Thursday 5:30-6:30pm and Saturday 11-12pm. Age requirments:5yrs-18yrs. Fees: (per month) $60/member. Come try a class for FREE!

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Up in Smoke

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Up in Smoke

Spoiler Alert! Don’t worry; it’s not about Star Wars™ so you’re probably safe to continue reading… Terrific heart health news from the CDC finds ‘Real Progress’ as percentage of U.S. smokers plummet. Federal health officials have now reported the number of smokers has decreased by nearly 20 percent in the past 10 years and dropped a full percentage point in the last year alone. 

Since smoking makes an appearance on every list of risk factors for heart attack and heart disease, this decline is excellent news for the heart health of our nation. For those who need a gentle and perhaps not so subtle reminder, here’s why smoking makes the naughty list…

Cigarette smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease by itself.     When it acts with other factors, it greatly increases risk. Smoking increases  blood pressure, decreases exercise tolerance and increases the tendency        for blood to clot.”

Last year, smoking rates hit a 50-year low! The CDC cannot pinpoint precisely what had led to the staggering decline but the result is irrefutable. Some of the factors helping the fight against tobacco are:

            • Federal tax hikes

            • Anti-smoking campaigns over the past 20 years

• Better insurance coverage for those wanting to kick the habit (One troubling finding: adults who are uninsured or on Medicaid smoke at rates more than double those for adults with private health insurance or Medicare.)

• Tougher laws making it harder to smoke in a growing number of places

Whatever the reason, these statistics prove that millions of Americans are quitting everyday and you can too. Make 2016 the year that you make this life changing decision for you and your family!

Heart to Heart

• Each year, more women than men die of cardiovascular disease.

• Six times as many women die from heart disease as from breast cancer— about 500,000 each year.

• An estimated 8 million American women suffer from heart disease.

• One out of every four women will die of heart disease.

• Women have more heart attacks than men that go unrecognized.

• Cardiovascular disease, which also includes heart failure, hypertension, and stroke, is more prevalent in women.

None of the above statistics are “new” and should not be alarming. Yet, when we see them bulleted out like that, we are still shocked. Diagnosing and treating women who might slip through the gap or slide under the radar screen has been the focus of top Heart Health Clinics over the past decade. Discovering where education and research is needed and gaps in knowledge exist remains top priority.

While heart disease remains the leading cause of death for both men and women, there is still an inequity of research done for men’s heart disease in comparison to their female counterparts.

“The sex gap in cardiovascular disease hit its peak in 1999 and is finally getting some attention,” said Jennifer Tremmel, MD from Stanford's Women's Heart Health Clinic, who is conducting an AHA-funded study on sex differences in cardiovascular disease. 

“The growth in women’s heart centers is targeting this apparent inequity of care,” said Sharonne Hayes, MD, director of the Women’s Heart Clinic at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and a member of the advisory board of WomenHeart: the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease.

“There are still marked disparities in care,” Hayes said. “Women are less likely to be prescribed medication or be as intensely treated as men. Women also don’t feel like they are being listened to when they discuss their symptoms with their doctors. Nobody ever sat down and adequately addressed their concerns.”

Heart disease in women is consistently misdiagnosed and undertreated, and more women than men have died of cardiovascular disease every year since 1984. Symptoms don’t necessarily present the same way with women in the way as they do men.

Preventative measures can be taken to reduce your risk and change the course of your future heart health. Diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are also the easiest first steps to take toward disease prevention. If heart disease is in your family history or you have concerns due to lifestyle risks or other health issues, contact your doctor.

As we have seen, and will hopefully continue to see with smoking, ‘Real Progress’ can be made when education, research is combined with a determination to change. You cannot kick the habit of heart disease but you can try to manage the risks within your control to be part of your own wellness plan!

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Upcoming Events at PLF

Please like us on Facebook for all updates, schedule changes, events, etc… we will keep you informed!!

Feb. 14th The Youth Activity Center will be having a Kids Night Out!! Sign up in the YAC!!  Also, to celebrate your sweethearts we are giving them a free day at the gym with you on Feb. 14th!

Visit the café for the always fun new additions… Heartbeat Shake!!   

Are you interested in the Cycle class but feel uncomfortable because you aren’t sure how to ride those bikes?  Sign up for the Intro to Cycle class that we will be holding the last Sunday of every month unless posted otherwise.

Puma Swim Meet 11-12:30p…Come check them out!!  

Interested in taking that new year’s resolution to the next level? Bored with your routine or just need a little extra guidance with your diet? You & a friend (or two!) want to train together? Email our director, to chat about your training needs & we'll set you up with one of our top-notch trainers- holding thousands of hours of training experience between them, covering several specialties & training styles. We guarantee results!

PT Classes are coached by our certified personal trainers, giving you a small group fitness atmosphere, but more personalized than our group fitness classes.

**NEW: CardioBOX with Hannah: This energetic workout uses jabs, crosses, & hooks to help you burn lots of calories, meanwhile reducing stress, improving overall cardio fitness, agility, stability, confidence, & strength. If you’re in for a challenging (but fun) workout, email to get your first class FREE!

GetFIT with Emmery & Derrick: Hour-long total body training for all fitness levels, Tues/Thurs morning sessions on the exercise floor, email to get started.

Ladies-Only Bootcamp with Jodi: Full body cardio conditioning, toning & strength training programed just for the ladies! Jump in a session today! Email for more info. 

X-Factor & X-Factor Endurance with Cat & Jodi: prep yourself for whatever life may throw at you! Includes high intensity cardio, Olympic weight lifting, mobility training, body weight & gymnastics exercises, classes offered Mon-Sat, email or for info.

Select Physical Therapy
Inside Prairie Life Fitness
Nicole Schnaus, MSPT Clinic Manager
Phone:  615-465-6416

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Manager's Corner

Cupid Called - He's Aiming for Healthy Hearts!
Love is in the air and there is nothing more romantic than getting healthier for the ones you love. After all, they love you too and doing all you can to be the best you is poetry in motion. Literally. Actions speak louder than words so imagine the power “I love you so much I am going to get healthy for us!” Powerful stuff. Cupid will be so pleased. 

Cabin fever is starting to get to us. We can feel it in the clubs around this time each year. We are all getting anxious for spring. Sunshine is coming soon. Ask yourself, are you ready? What goals do you have left to achieve? How can we help you? Our personal trainers, fitness instructors, Perfit APP and more are standing ready to help you meet those goals. Let’s do this.

Friday Feb. 20th… Meet the Trainers Open House!  9-11am
Happy Valentine’s Day to You and Yours,
Laurie Killian, General Manager

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