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YOU ASKED FOR IT! Rock your week with our Monday through Thursday Early Bird Classes! New 5:45 AM classes. Early morning classes at 5:45 a.m. to mix it up and get your days jump started! MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY: Strong body, Strong heart, Strong Mind! Strength: Start out with a cardio warm up and then keep the heartrate up with body weight and heavier weight exercises. TUESDAY: Get Movin’! Circuit: Run, jump, lunge, repeat! Using a circuit style format to elevate your heartrate with shorter recoveries for the best cardio conditioning workouts. THURSDAY: Feel the burn! Yoga Bootcamp: PiYo infused cardio workout using light weights to stretch, strengthen and elevate your heartrate and burn more calories. SEE YOU THERE! Questions can be directed to Amy Belvo,

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Hello Myzoners! A new challenge is coming up and we want to make sure you don’t miss it. This challenge is a little different, in that it won’t come through your Myzone app as in the past. This is a special national challenge that is supporting a very important cause. Bringing the drug AT-1501 to Human Trial. AT-1501 is a drug that has been developed by ALS/TDI Research Center that will be able to halt the development of ALS for those living with ALS and be able to be utilized earlier in the development of this disease for those impacted in the future. This drug could also be used for Alzheimer's Disease, Juvenile diabetes and even some skin transplant cases. •Doing this challenge will give you a kick start to getting in shape for the summer • Have a chance to win over $50,000 in prizes •Support an important effort to help find a cure for those living with ALS Every Member that Registers for the Challenge, 100% of their $15.01 donation goes directly to the ALS/ TDI Research Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Once you achieve 1501 MEPS you receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win prizes and by working out more, will be able to earn more chances to win! You are all pioneers in the building of a Grassroots Effort where the Health and Fitness Industry will be the major reason why ALS will have a cure in the not so distant future. Everyone’s contributions will be providing HOPE for those impacted by ALS. Let’s unite as ONE and show what we can accomplish when we are work together to change the world! Get ready to start crushing MEPs for ALS! SIGN UP NOW!

For more information, contact Amy Belvo,


IT IS NOT TO LATE TO PARTICIPATE! April 1 - April 30. BUY a belt, JOIN a team, Earn MEPS and WIN. Choose your captain and sign up on their team. Use your MyZone belt to not only improve your workouts, but to also earn MEPS (myzone exercise points) that will count toward your teams total. The team with the most MEPS at the end of April wins some great swag. Shirt, 60 minute personal training session and more. No belt, no problem, you can purchase one at the front desk and get started.

For more information, contact Amy Belvo, GFD,


Pound will be on Monday, April 9 at 6:40 p.m. Zumba will be on Monday, April 2, 16, 23 & 30. Come give these two rhythmic workouts a try. You will be having so much fun that you will forget your exercising. Pound/Zumba schedule posted on our website, facebook and throughout the club.

For more information, contact Amy Belvo,

Summer Camp!

Start thinking about summer plans now! Summer break will be here before you know it. All of our Summer Camps are online! Register before May 1st to have the $25 registration fee per week waived!

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